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Increase retention through engagement with Skyedu.

Career colleges and for-profit institutions often struggle to recruit, retain, engage and communicate with current and prospective students each year. With Skyedu, administrators can better promote and manage their community by centralizing system processes and eliminating communication barriers amongst executives, campuses, department heads, and students in the private education sector. Our software-as-a-service improves the ability for institutions to increase student retention, organization, communication, engagement, and management.


Increase Retention through Student Engagement

Retention is one of the most important components of sustaining any institution in higher education. Skyedu empowers students to easily connect with involvement opportunities and helps students manage their out-of-classroom experiences, improving student performance, satisfaction, career placement, and overall student success.

Nontraditional students can particularly benefit from Skyedu, as they can connect to Skyedu from anywhere, at any time, with a computer or smartphone. Giving students more opportunities to engage and interact with an institution, and with other students, creates a stronger sense of connection and loyalty, which leads directly to increased retention.

Auto-Documentation to Help Students Find Gainful Employment

Finding gainful employment for recent graduates is tougher than ever and institutions are under pressure to provide documentation verifying that they have given students the necessary experience and academic preparation to find gainful employment in their field of study. Skyedu helps students market themselves to employers with a personalized Co-Curricular Transcript and a customized ePortfolio. The Co-Curricular Transcript offers an official, verified version of a students’ out-of-the-classroom involvement, automatically generated by the data provided in a student’s profile. Customized ePortfolios allow student to choose which activities are highlighted to showcase their leadership and involvement to future employers and institutions, and can serve as a robust online record of student involvement, employment, experience, and recommendations.


Enhance Online Visibility to Improve Recruitment and Lead Generation

Recruitment is vital to the success of any institution in higher education. Skyedu provides every department and organization portal with a free website builder, public URL, and website hosting to improve communication within your community and visibility to prospective students. Websites are easy to build and maintain, allowing approved students and staff members to quickly update content and push information out onto the web without the need for HTML knowledge. Easily update content and enhance recruitment by giving prospects a real-time glimpse into your institutional offerings and value propositions. Capture leads from your website and send targeted messaging to prospective students directly through Skyedu. Enhanced customization options allow each department and organization to create a uniquely designed website to meet their specific needs and match their branding. Free website training is included and Skyedu will even work directly with your IT department to follow any existing website requirements.

Strengthen Campus Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication is essential to providing a quality student experience and running a successful institution or multi-campus system. Rather than managing email listservs or broadcasting mass messages that may not apply all students, Skyedu's suite of communication tools makes it easy to communicate targeted information to individuals, specific groups, or the entire campus. Simplify and enhance your ability to reach students, leaders, staff, and advisors with discussion forums, news posts, text messages, email lists, and more. Contact information is stored in real-time and automatically updated as users make changes. Skyedu also gives administrators the ability host a unified calendar to promote campus or system-wide events and individual groups the ability to host and update their own approved calendars. Users get only the information relevant to them, encouraging increased engagement and involvement.


Go Paperless to Save Time and Money with Online Smart Forms

Paper forms cost institutions time and money that could be used to better serve students and staff. Reducing these costs and saving valuable time for staff can lead to an increased focus on recruitment, engagement, and retention. The forms module is one of the most robust tools in the Skyedu platform and can help any department or program increase efficiency. Forms allow you to do everything from collecting event registrations, payments, and travel waivers, to generating post-even surveys that can be automatically sent to users after attendance is confirmed. Our forms even allow you to add page logic to create smarter forms custom-tailored to each participant’s individual responses, and they can also be made available to the public through your website. Robust reporting and analytics tools allow you to analyze responses in greater detail and we even give you the ability to create a multi-stage approval process for forms that require multiple reviewers.

Track Student Involvement and Manage Student Data

Managing student data and tracking student involvement can be one of the toughest tasks facing an educational institution. Without reliable data, institutions struggle to make the right changes to improve the success of their students and programs. Skyedu allows institutions to centralize their processes to efficiently collect forms, gather student data, and manage accreditation requirements. Administrators can use student data to easily assess student success through reviewing pre- and post-event surveys; comparing learning goals with learning outcomes; generating reports and dashboards; and analyzing involvement data across the student population to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. Skyedu makes assessment easy by encouraging users to maintain an online record in a centralized location, so no one has to send files back and forth or turn in hand-written feedback. Skyedu will also archive all organization information, easing the challenges of organization transitions.


Meet Student Needs Anytime, Anywhere with Skyedu Mobile

Building and maintaining a mobile presence can seem overwhelming for many educational institutions, but students are now connected to mobile devices at all hours of the day and expect access to their institution through their mobile device. Skyedu can be used on any smartphone or mobile device and gives students instant access to their institution at any time. Users are able to log in to Skyedu on their mobile devices to update events, check messages, view calendars, create or complete registration forms, or even update websites. Skyedu's mobile view looks and feels like a native application and doesn’t require a download: go to on your mobile device and log in.

Increase Alumni Involvement, Connection, and Giving

Alumni can be tough to stay in touch with and even tougher get involved in giving back to their institution, but they are a vital component to sustaining an educational institution. Skyedu can help institutions build an active community for alumni to stay connected by sharing successes, attending recruiting events, mentoring and networking with current students. Send out invites and track RSVP’s to prepare for upcoming events and publish events to alumni calendars. You can also establish an online database to oversee and manage all alumni chapters online and publish an alumni directory, complete with individual profiles and contact information. Best of all, you can better leverage alumni relationships to increase giving and encourage referrals for prospective student


Scalable from One Institution to an Entire Multi-Campus System

Skyedu is highly adaptable, and can be customized to match the structure of your institution or multi-campus system. Each campus within a system, or department/division within a campus, often has unique needs: they have their own groups to manage, students to communicate with, and reports to analyze. Our team will work with your campus to create the right “fit.” Skyedu enables each campus, division, or department to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and oversee their students, organizations, and programs. This allows you to strengthen your institutional framework and bring consistency to every area of every campus. Each functional area is allowed access to engage directly with their students specifically, while also allowing the main campus or overarching system to address all students with important information or events at any time. Our team will work with you to create the best “fit” for your campus.

Skyedu Automatically Integrates Data from Other Systems

Many organizations and systems are already using various software programs to manage different areas of student data such as: grades, class scheduling, tuition payments, and financial aid. Skyedu's API provides IT departments with a secure way to access data from Skyedu and pull it into other databases across your organization. The API ensures the seamless integration between Skyedu and existing information systems and data warehouses. The API also gives each campus the flexibility and creativity to create new automated processes to leverage all the institutional involvement and assessment data collected within Skyedu. By bringing all of the data in-house, you can compare data collected in Skyedu with other data on your informational systems for assessment purposes. Skyedu works collaboratively with information technology (IT) staff to develop and API that works best for your situation and organization needs.